Thursday, May 11, 2017

5 different sweets which you can make on Eid 2017

Food and desserts are a very important part of the festival.

Also, the recipes which are made on Eid are much more special. These are reserved for festivals and celebrations.

However, each year instead of trying out the same recipes, you can now try out different recipes this year. There are plenty of dessert recipes which would be perfect for this Eid.

That is why today we would discuss 5 different Eid recipes for 2017:

1. Shahi Tukra:

eid 2017 food Shahi Tukra

Shahi means royal. Tukra stands for Pieces.

This dessert is basically a bread pudding dish.

It is limited to the occasions like festivals and family celebration and that is why the name royal is associated with it.

2. Kaju Halwa:

Eid food item for 2017 Kaju Halwa

The recipe of the Kaju halwa is pretty simple, but taste is such that it has become pretty popular.

It is simply delicious should you choose the amount of sugar appropriately because that is the only thing, which can spoil the taste of this dish.

3. Phirni:

phirni for eid festival
Photo Credit: WikiHow

Phirni is a milk based dessert which consist of dry fruits among other things.

For sweetening, sugar or jaggery can be used depending on the recipe which you are following.

In order to make it healthy, you can easily use skimmed milk rather than normal milk. This would help you reduce the calories in the dessert.

The dry fruits add a crunchy element to the entire dessert.

4. Samosa:

Even though normally when you speak about a Samosa, it is a spicy recipe but it can be easily made sweet.

During the festival of Eid sweet samosas, are a very popular dessert.

They consist of cooked vegetables along with some sweets dry fruits and jaggery is added to the entire mixture.

These are basically triangle shaped cones with filling in between and are deep fried.

The filling is entirely up to you. you can use the normal vegetables along with jaggery or you can create a sweet filling of your own.

5. Seviyan:

Seviyan stands for vermicelli.

It can be eaten along with milk or just by sprinkling some sugar on it.

Dry fruits and spices like saffron can be added to it, make it smell and taste even better.

The versatility of this recipe makes it even more popular as it can be had as a dry snack or along with milk and dry fruits.

So, if you are planning the dessert for the eid festival, you have to keep these ideas in mind.


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